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Zagat Re-Launched New Website and Mobile Apps: This Week in SoLoMo

Zagat New Website and Apps

Welcome  to This Week in SoLoMo!  Providing you a weekly wrap-up of the latest news and tips in social, local and mobile marketing.  I hope that information found in this blog series will boost the result of your SoLoMo marketing!   Zagat Re-Launched New Website and Mobile […]

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Foursquare Launched Self-Serve Ads Service: This Week in SoLoMo

Foursquare Mobile Advertisting

Welcome to the very first This Week in SoLoMo post! SoMoLo is a recent industry buzzword for Social, Mobile and Local marketing. We believe that the integration of SoLoMo marketing will play a huge role to the success of your business going forward.   The goal of […]

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Google Returned 5-Star Rating System for Local Business Listings

Local Business Listing - Carousel

Google 30-point local business listings ended with a roll back to the original 5-star system. After acquisition of Zagat in May 2012, Google made the switch to a 30-point scale for local businesses rankings. Users that wanted to review and rate businesses had to give a score between […]

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How to Use LinkedIn Advanced Search to For Local Leads Generation

LinkedIn Advance Search

With over 225 million registered users, LinkedIn is by far the largest and most powerful professional networking site in the world.  Aside from being the number one tool for job recruiters and job seekers, LinkedIn is also a great lead gathering tool for businesses of all sizes. […]

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5 Daily Deals Tips That Help Grow Your Business

Daily Deals Sites

Daily deals sites such as Groupon and Living Socials have been getting lots of bad reps lately. You probably heard horror stories from local businesses that actually lost money from running daily deals. Although there’s no disputing that these things did occur, running daily deals doesn’t have […]

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3 of The Best Business Uses of QR Codes Today


Some of the most innovative marketing strategy today involved the use of QR Codes.  QR or Quick Response code was originally developed in Japan in the mid 1990s for use in the automotive industry.  Today, these 2D codes has grown far beyond its originally intended use and […]

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5 Reasons Why Blogging is the Key to Driving Traffic to your Business


Blogging has come such a long way from the early days when it used to be called “weblogs”. No longer are blogs limited to people writing and sharing online dairy about what going on in their personal lives.  Blogging has now gone mainstream and are used by […]

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How to Instantly Search and Secure Your Brand Online


Reserving your brand on the Internet should be one of the most important thing that small business owners does. It is particularly important for company looking to established an online presence or start a new online marketing campaign. The primary reason for doing this is to reserve the […]

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7 Reasons Why Your Businesses Needs a Mobile Website

Mobile Web Sites

In a not so distant past, a business that wants to have good online presence just needed to have a website.  Today the mobile revolution have changed all that.  With the incredible growth of mobile devices such smart phones and tablets in recent years, those days are […]

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