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There are many technologies that completely shift the paradigm. They are great, but they can also give rise to many side effects. There are some technologies that create a confusion regarding their meaning. One such term is video marketing.

This is a relatively new concept and not many people completely understand what it means. There is a difference between marketing a video, and marketing with video.

Marketing a video
People who take video marketing as ‘marketing a video’ are looking for brand awareness for their company. They try to deliver their company ideas to the viewers so that they can travel far and wide, and can be shared among other people as well. If the video is extremely well, it will be highly compelling and will thus turn into a viral video.
This is why these videos are usually more entertaining than informative. Once it is made, it is pushed to as many video sharing websites as possible. These videos often have social media campaigns and they reach several bloggers and Twitter postings. The aim behind all this is to create a buzz around the video. The entire process can either be manually managed or it can be managed by using some tools.

Marketing with video
People who take video marketing as ‘marketing with video’ want to sell their services or products. This involves adding a video to a straight marketing campaign. A simple example can be of a company that adds videos to its site. This video can be helpful in summarizing its products or services.

Other cases where ‘marketing with video’ is used are:

  • Collecting action data to optimize purchase channel
  • Adding videos to email campaigns that help the users who are interested in your services
  • Using recorded webinars to generate more leads

The difference

It is important to understand the difference between the two video marketing techniques so that you can decide the right strategy for your company, depending upon the goals that you want to achieve.

We offer both types of video marketing processes, so that you can not only create brand awareness for your company, but can also close more leads.
We have a wide range of service that you can benefit from. Here are some areas where we can help you:

  • We produce, edit and upload high quality video for your business
  • We employ highly effective ways of marketing
  • We can create short and snappy videos to hold your audience and entertain them
  • We use syndication and distribution services to spread your videos far and wide

Web videos are pretty, and they also have business benefits!

Stats show that including a video on a small business website can increase the number of views by more than 100%, and the number of calls by 18%
It clearly shows that the conversion rates are benefitted by video marketing campaigns. When you present your business in the form of video, instead of using text, it generates more business and helps you close the leads easily.

Since PPC traffic is very expensive and competition is also increasing, it is best to increase the conversion rate by making your advertising more effective. This is where video marketing helps you.

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